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    Our unique products are specially designed to help make raw feeding simple and convenient. All our products come in small cubes which thaw in minutes and are then ready to be served to your pet.


    Our meats are humanely raised, cage-free, grass-fed, grass-finished, and are raised without the us of antibiotic and added hormones.


    Transitioning to Raw Dynamic is simple and convenient. It is important to provide your pet some time to get used to any new food, so we always recommend a 7-10 days transition period. It enables our pet to properly be introduced and familiarized to new food, and limit any digestive issues.

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    We set a goal to find the best sourcing of only the most nutritious natural ingredients while also making the right choice for our environment and planet. Our meats are humanely raised, cage-free, grass-fed, grass-finished, and are raised without the us of antibiotic and added hormones.

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What fish do you use in your fish oil?
  • Sardine and Anchovy. Sardines and anchovies are generally lower in mercury and have less environmental impact. They are also screened for mercury and other toxins. 
Does your food contain synthetic vitamins and minerals?

No, our food is complete and balanced from whole foods, supplements with added pro and prebiotics.

What is your meat:organ:bone ratio?

80-75% Meat
10-15% Organ 
7%-10% Bone 

What percent of your food is produce?

Our dog food is 90/10. This means 90% is meat, muscle and bone. 8-9% is organic produce. The remaining 1% will be the natural supplements.

Where do you source your proteins?
  • Beef: New Zealand 
  • Duck and Chicken: New York and Pennsylvania 
  • Turkey: Pennsylvania 
  • Rabbit: France 
  • Lamb: New Zealand
Is there muscle meat in your lamb and beef complete and balanced food?

Although the heart is considered an organ, it is classified as muscle meat due to its muscular structure. It is exceptionally nutritionally dense, and a great source of essential amino acids and fatty acids. It is utilized in our formulas as an organ and a muscle.

How do I store the frozen food?

We recommend keeping the bag in the freezer and only scooping out what you need at each meal time.

You can pre-scoop each meal beforehand and keep that portion in the refrigerator. Refrigerated food is safe to feed for three days.

How long does your frozen food last?

12 months if it is kept in the freezer. The expiration date will be available on the top of each bag for further clarification.

How long does the freeze-dried food last?

The shelf life of our freeze-dried food is 18 months. There is an expiration date at the top of each bag for further clarification and guidelines.

How much should I feed my dog?

The recommendation is 2-3% of your dog's body weight. To convert that to ounces:
- Weight x 16oz = Y
- Y x.02 = the number of ounces to feed.
It is important to keep in mind that one cup of frozen food = 4oz

Our freeze-dried formula feeding guidelines are based on feeding your pet the cubes rehydrated.

Can I feed feline formula to canines or vis versa?

It is okay to feed one bag of food to the opposite species. We do not recommend feeding this way long term. Though the dog and cat formulas are similar, our cat food has the necessary higher protein and taurine levels for felines.

What is air-dried?

Air drying removes the moisture from our treats with low temperature through air circulation. This gives the treats a longer shelf life, adding a nice crunchy texture. Air drying also preserves the integrity and enzymes of the protein, allowing for a nutritionally dense and palatable treat!

Do you HPP?

We only hpp our chicken complete and balanced formulas.

What is HPP?

High-pressure processing (HPP) is a “nonthermal” food preservation technique that inactivates harmful pathogens and vegetative spoilage microorganisms by using cold water pressure rather than heat to effect pasteurization.

How do you know your food is safe?

Every batch of food goes out for third-party testing. Due to our clean in-house manufacturing facility, we have total control of the quality of our equipment and formulas. We can ensure that our foods are safe for your pet to consume and for humans to handle safely!

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes, our packaging falls under number 4 recycling.